“A terrific auctioneer!”  –Rebecca Epstein, Jewish Community Project


“Lucas was an absolute hit! Our whole team extends their deepest gratitude for his creative work. All night long we kept getting feedback on how wonderful our auctioneer was. We raised a lot of money, and far exceeded our goal.” –Megan Yealy, Not For Sale


“We are grateful to Lucas for an amazing evening, and helping to make it our best event to date. I'm thrilled to say we exceeded our goals and raised more than ever before! Lucas was a joy to work with and put on an awesome show.” –Helen Jones, goods for good


“Lucas was willing to work within our budget, and provided support and advice when we needed it. He is an advocate who elevated our event, and delivered on all that he promised. Lucas is an absolute pleasure to work. He helped us RAISE THE MOST we ever have in our six years!!!” –Meredith Weber, Back on My Feet Chicago


“Lucas was incredible. He was kind, but pushy in the right ways; he was incredibly warm and thoughtful. Lucas’s grasp on what we do and how we do it is better than some of our board members! Honestly, it was such a pleasure.” –Reshma Patel, The Impact Network


“Every room brightens upon Lucas Hunt's entry. His exuberance and energy are electrifying and contagious and, when combined with his commitment to fully support worthwhile causes, place him in a league of his own. Lucas is unquestionably my go-to auctioneer for all events.” –Rachel Jacobs, Bent on Learning


“A wonderful auctioneer for your benefit concert. His energetic, compassionate and professional style impressed all of us. Lucas is a joy to work with. It is because of his valuable support that we were able to reach a record-breaking amount of donations.” –Sophie Xiaohong Qi, Harmonia Holdings


“Our evening was a huge success, much of it definitely thanks to Lucas Hunt. We are so grateful to him for taking his responsibilities to heart – the awesome mingling and schmoozing throughout paid off dividends, and his Live Auction and Paddle Raise sections were just spectacular.”  –Jane Pole, production stage manager for The New Group Gala

“Lucas is fantastic and quite the master of auctioneering. I have no doubt he will make a wonderful addition (in any) capacity to your event. –Allison Levine, Allie Levine Events


“The night was everything I could have asked for and more. Lucas Hunt was an integral part with his energy, attention to detail, input and the way he jumped in with both feet to learn about our organization, and the people in it. He was flexible through the evening as situations arose, and reacted with calm like a professional. Our organization was blessed by his service.” –Vinny Liscio, Somers Lions Club


“It was great fun to watch Lucas work the crowd. I'm so glad he was there to guide us along the way for our first auction. It was a true pleasure working with him, and we hope to have many more successful auctions to come!” –Lindsay Vietor, Museum of Food and Drink


“I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with someone as dedicated, talented, and professional as Lucas. His commitment to something a bit outside of the box was amazing, and he absolutely steered the ship of our fake/real auction through occasionally rough waters with ease and panache.” –Jesse Patch, Director for The Estate Auction of The Most Interesting Man in the World


“Lucas Hunt is an animated, active and entertaining auctioneer, and can add value to your event!" –Juliet Papa, East Hampton Artists & Writers


“Lucas Hunt wastes no time in getting to work and engages the audience in an enthusiastic bidding experience, with well-spaced reminders on the importance of our cause to the community. With each item, he pursues the best result. He moves at a good pace with intelligence, elegance, and good humor. Lucas knows how to hold the attention of an audience, generate interest, and entertain in the best way. He is a natural. We cannot wait to have him back.” –Arlene Bujese, Board of Directors, East Hampton Boxart Auction


“Impeccable style and charisma make Lucas the perfect fit for our annual Bra Auction and Fashion Show. He’s an expert at charming and motivating the crowd.” –Stacy Quarty, President of Lucia’s Angels, VP of The Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Southampton Hospital


"Lucas helped us raise more funds than we dreamt possible, and turned the evening into a fun thrill ride with his charm, wit and energy. He is a super star! The feedback from all who attended the auction was effusive about his role in its success.” –Sara Faulkner, Springs Mystery Art Sale Coordinator