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“The best fundraising host I’ve seen in my life.” –Alan Alda


“A sexy auctioneer who gently brutalized crowd into giving.” –Mario Cantone


“Our organization is a small nonprofit, and our board scrutinizes every expense. Unequivocally, HUNT was a wise investment.” –Stephanie Hinkaty, Gigi’s Playhouse


“Lucas has wit, charm, persuasive powers, and energy. Everyone I’ve spoken with has heaped praise upon us!” –Kerry Walk, Manhattan Marymount College


“HUNT's consultation helped push us over the $1,000,000 mark. We’re still reeling. I’ve never seen anything like it.” –Staci Weston, Services for the Underserved


“The final count far exceeded our forecast. We benefited immensely from HUNT’s advice. Hire a professional. It’s worth every penny.” —Toni Farmer, Urban Promise


“Our annual income is derived entirely from the gala. The pressure was enormous and HUNT pulled it off beautifully.” —Amanda Foreman, House of SpeakEasy


“We are grateful our best event to date. We exceeded our goals and raised more than ever before! HUNT put on an awesome show.” –Helen Jones, Yamba Malawi


“Lucas worked within our budget, provided support and advice. We RAISED THE MOST we ever have in our six years!!!” –Meredith Weber, Back on My Feet Chicago


“HUNT’s grasp on what we do and how we do it is better than some of our board members! Honestly, it was such a pleasure.” –Reshma Patel, The Impact Network


“HUNT’s commitment to support worthwhile causes, places them in a league of their own. Lucas is my go-to auctioneer for all events.”  –Rachel Jacobs, Bent on Learning


“We were thrilled to have HUNT’s skills to lead the onsite fundraising effort, which turned out the best results ever—over double our goal.” –Karen Hershey, KH Events


“A wonderful host for your benefit event. Thanks to Lucas’s valuable support we had a record-breaking amount of donations.” –Sophie Xiaohong Qi, Harmonia Holdings


“People are still buzzing, telling us it was the best event we've done in 7 years. The fund a need was DOUBLE that of last year.” –Anita Burroughs, Starting Point


“We are united in our praise. In our 10 years of galas, Lucas is the most professional, engaging, and successful host we've hired.” –Marla Greco, Montfort Academy


“HUNT treats us like a star client and delivers the highest quality of care and service. Lucas listens, cares, and responds to need. Because of him, we raised $667,805 IN THE ROOM, our biggest number yet!” –Malia Poia, Children’s Aid


“We are so grateful for the incredible support. Paul’s energy is infectious and he is without a doubt the best auctioneer I have ever seen. I cannot recommend HUNT enough, to all of my peers.” –Jennifer Harwood, Reading Partners


“HUNT studied our organization, and interviewed staff to understand the intricacies of our programs and community. As a result we far surpassed our goal, tripling our previous year's number!” –Raquel de Anda, No Longer Empty


“We had never had a professional auctioneer. My ED had lots of texts and emails from guests gushing how amazing and professional Lucas was and how much he knew about our community and organization.” –Deanna Principe, Autism Delaware


“The communication, expertise and execution were top notch and helped us raise more than double what we did the year before. Paul contacted us regularly, did his homework, and entertained the crowd” –Sara Deren, Experience Camps


“Lucas touches people in a way they pay serious attention. People raised their hands all over the room, and we raised an incredible amount of money! He’s accessible, open, friendly and that’s why WE choose him.” –Thomas Diffley, East End Hospice


“HUNT helped us create a vision and plan, then guided us to an unbelievably successful night! I learned why it's crucial to hire a professional auctioneer.” –Allison Poster-Katz, Manhattan New School


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